Haylee's art contest ! ๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŽ‡

heyy guys ! this haylee here . so , this my first time organizing an art contest . apparently , i need an art scene which iโ€™ll be using as a splash and also for my upper cover too . the best art scene will be used in my upcoming story rejected . (and will be credited too !) from 3rd NOV oct till 3rd dec . u can provide me with drawn and edited too ! just try to make it realistic !

also if possiable an instagram splash u can provide me too ! (this is optional , if u want u can do . instagram splash is upto u . but for the art secne and large cover is neccesary one . ) u can have choice if u are able to do art secne and large cover at the same time. for ex: if u are able to make splash within the time interval, it will be accepted! or else please provide me both .

art scene: ( using as splash ) since my story is type of ROM-COM action type , so i would like the characters to be having vibes like an action theme . (with bomb blasts , guns , serious looks , having black clothes and try to show them with dark background . i have provided with every information below .


you can use this type of bg , this is an action story so remember the theme should be dark .
also put the story name โ€˜rejectedโ€™ on the top . please show the characters with guns and other weapons like generades.
U can relate to this splash ;

character details

in this splash u can use any only limited outfits . mostly black nd white .
u can show them with black shorts or leather tight pants.
the details are below:-
isla crater:
hairstyle: beach wave hair
hair color: blue light
skin: light
eyes: upturned luxe
eyecolor: black
face: oval
nose : upturned
eyebrow: medium curved
lips: classic
lip color: cherry red


zachary ashton:
skin: tan
hair style : short cropped
hair color:cayenne
face shape: diamond
lips: uneven
lip color: toffee
eyes: sotic almond
eyecolor: white
eyebrow: thin arch
nose: button

hair style : high pony tail
hair color: black
eyes: almond classic
eyecolor: hickory
skin: light
lips; blossom lips
lip color:ruby red
nose : roman
eyebrows : defined natural

Hairstyle: spiked up hair
haircolor: charcoal
skin; peach
eyes: gentle almond
eyecolor: green
nose : button
lips: uneven
lipcolor: toffee
face: defined triangle
eyebrows : medium sharp

size : 640*1136
Upper large cover:
i wonโ€™t give u much details . just remember that itโ€™s an action story so u have to represent in that way. create in ur own way .
size : 966x642

  1. make ur watermark little small but visiable . (itโ€™s up to you if u add. im gonna mention u anyways)
  2. no hating among other artists. ( if anybody else wins please donโ€™t hate them . itโ€™s just contest)
  3. leave ur ig or forums.
  4. everyone will be credited if i use their work .
  5. deadline 3rd dec
  6. password: jiminssi

As i said im organizing this contest for my story so the best splash and art scene will be used in my story . idk when the story will be out as next year i will be busy since it will the last grade of my highschool years. mostly will try for the feb.

the first ranker: art will be used in my story
the second ranker: i will put their work in my ig story and wil tag them . ( credit for their work)

If anyone will be making an instagram splash for me then here are my deets

my deets

hairstyle: straight
haircolor: grey
skin: light
eye: upturned bold
eye color: black
eyebrows: classic natural
face: oval
lips: classic
lip color: blush
nose: soft natural

Any one can participate! it 's open for everyone!
my ig: @haylee.stories

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