Hazeo? The Interview?

I hope everything’s okay!! :heart: I wonder what Hazeo is up to and if they’re still writing. If so, I’m praying this story will be continued one day. Even if it doesn’t I still enjoyed the 10 chapters that were released.

Did anyone else fall in love with The Interview ??

I know it’s not finished but I enjoyed it so much that I quite literally just spent 2hrs looking for it after realizing it wasn’t saved. I couldn’t remember the title for the life of me, so I had to scroll through the cover photos under 4 different genres and use just the photos to jog my memory :sob:

I had all fingers and toes crossed that it had been updated but it’s hasn’t.

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I friend with the author and they not in the community anymore. I haven’t seeing them for 1 years now


Oh awww okay!! Thanks!! I had been wondering for a while.