:cat_typing: HD Backgrounds & Overlays [Credit-Free] :blob_hearts:

There you go!


oh my goodness that’s practically perfect! thank you so much

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You’re a life saver!!! Thank uuuuuu so much Wincyy:sob::sob:
Your stories also mean everything​:sob: :blob_hearts:

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I lovee your backgrounds omgg

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What program do you use to make these overlays?

Daz Studio


Just wondering do you have any music studios?

Do you have a drive, where all the bgs are uploaded?

Your work is beautiful!

Love your work!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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She doesn’t have a drive, only a website. I think the link is in the description above.


Okay, thanks :blob_hearts:

please the chairs’ overlays

Does anyone have an overlay for the table in this background?

Why did I just notice this thread!!! :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: Your works are AMAZING.Bookmarked this thread the second I saw your work :grin: :+1:

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Hi hope everyone is good . I was wondering if anyone here has a Starbucks background I can use or a dunking donuts background . Please let me know.

Hiii do you have the top view of this bed?? Thank youuuu <3

Bump :star_struck:

Hey wincy you are an awersome mindblowing artist can i have an overlays of somer tatoos and motorbikes

Hey @wincyyellow I was wondering of you had or have a tavern background and overlay.