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How can I reduce double chin?!
Please only share effective ways😩

Sorry for the rubbish answer but… Exercise >.>

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Diet is the #1 method for weight loss. Exercise is important too.

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do a quick 5 min face exercises every night
eat healthily, don’t undereat though (you can snacks every now and then ofc)
be positive, good mental health = good healthy body


I did the hourglass one for like 3 days and my belly got FLATTTTT.

Is it true?:roll_eyes:

Chew on gum!

Stay active, do some basic exercises or play a sport (I like to cycle). And remember that you will never get that “perfect” body whatever you do. You will become your best self, being skinny doesn’t mean being healthy or strong.
Always pair whatever you are eating with vegetables or fruits. That way you will fill up with vitamins, and eat less of the unhealthy foods.
Don’t overeat. Eat so that you can probably eat more, but you don’t crave it as much as you did when you began eating. But don’t starve yourself. If you’re still hungry then eat.

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Why would I lie? :joy:

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