Hear Me Out Please


Hello, I’m @Doksanwrites, the one who “organizes” this account… It’s really hard for me to say this but, Episode Studio is over. It wasn’t an easy decision… Trust me… We will complete all the requests that we have, and soon I, Doksan, will open a new Episode group. Thank you all for all your support because without you we wouldn’t be what we were. That’s all, I hope you understand…

All the members of Episode Studio.


I hoped it didn’t close tho sigh


What exactly is an episode group? Like a collaboration account?

Sorry it didn’t work out. Good luck :heart:


We can’t wait for you to come back even better. Sorry you had to close. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yeah, basically a collaboration account.


An Episode Art Group


Doksan can you pm me?


Thank you for understanding :heartbeat:




Moved to Episode Fan Community as it relates to Episode topics. :wink: