Heard Awards Official Help Thread

Greetings fellow Episodians!

If you have been referred to this thread, it means your story didn’t qualify for the Heard Awards voting round. This doesn’t mean we think your story is bad, it simply means we think it has the potential to become better. This thread is here to help you improve your directing and storytelling (if you want to) by directing you to just the right places.

For directing:

  • If you need any information about directing, the best place to go to is @Dara.Amarie’s website where you can find plenty of guides and templates to help you understand the Episode language and find ready-to-go script templates to fit your story perfectly! If you want to stay on the forums, you can find all her threads here.
  • Another helpful place to go is to @JosephEvans’s youtube channel where you can find plenty of videos explaining multiple aspects of directing. There are even videos to help you with your story cover and etc. You can find videos about improving your storytelling on this channel as well.
  • Very basic errors you can avoid : an old thread of mine that could be helpful

Other resources to help you make your story more appealing (sounds, overlays, etc.):

If you have any questions you can ask them below.