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  • Hi guys! I have finally decided to start my first story idea: Heartbreak Avenue. It is a drama and romance focusing on the aftermath of the breakup between two actors. My goal is to entertain the readers, bring awareness to some topics, and of course, bring more diversity to the Episode community.
  • I have decided to start this topic so I can get your guys’ input. I know that a majority of how my story will be formatted is my choice, but I also want you guys to help me along the way. I am doing this for fun, but I also want to be successful and have a small fanbase.

The first thing that I would like to do is find out the choice format that you guys want. I know that this app is all about picking your own story, but I also see it as a way to visually tell stories. Here’s a poll you guys can take to help me out. Thank you very much. Plus more things will be added to this topic, so stay tuned!

  • The choices WILL impact the story.
  • The choices will NOT impact the story.
  • There are NO choices (visual novel).

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Characters - here’s an introduction to all the main and supporting characters in Heartbreak Avenue. Let me know which ones are your favorites. :blush:

Main Characters


  • Jordan Cooke | 22 | Biracial | Bisexual | Actress | Leo | Born and raised in Arizona. Very sentimental and emotional. She is passionate about her craft and is sometimes overwhelmed by her sudden burst of fame.
  • Eric Moore | 31 | Caucasian | Pansexual | Actor | Virgo | Born and raised in New Jersey. Loyal and analytical. He broke off the engagement for unknown reasons.
  • Kim Walters | 30 | African-America | Heterosexual | Makeup Artist | Aquarius | Born and raised in New York. Optimistic and humorous. She has worked with several big artists, actresses, and models; Jordan is one of her most favorite clients.
  • Daniel Smith | 33 | Caucasian | Homosexual | Manager | Pisces | Born and raised in California. Organized and confident. He has been Jordan’s manager since she was 18; he is always by her side and makes sure that her schedule is organized.
  • Dakota Morales | 23 | Latina | Pansexual | Dental Student | Scorpio | Born and raised in Arizona | Stubborn and intelligent. | She has been best friends with Jordan since middle school and moved to California to pursue her career as a dentist.

Which character are you most excited for?

  • Jordan
  • Eric
  • Dakota
  • Kim
  • Daniel

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More to be added…

Chapter 1 Preview
Title: Aftermath
“The consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event.”

  • A dream sequence
  • An introduction to main characters and minor characters
  • An Easter egg for my next book
  • Hints for how the breakup happened

_Please let me know if you guys have any questions or comments! _