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I stood up in the sand and brushed it off my tanned, toned legs. I had just got done on my paddle board. Something I loved to do, one of the main reasons I liked living on the beach. When I was busy, I always was down at the beach whether I’m swimming, paddle boarding, surfing or just tanning it was usually where you could find me. I loved living in Malibu, I was born and raised here, though my mom moved to Calabasas after my parents divorced. But I am here more than I am there. Honestly hate being there, except she always seems to buy me something new from high end stores to bribe me a little… I walked back up the stairs that led me back to the house from the private beach. I went to the outdoor shower quick and rinsed off, I grabbed a towel from the stack before finally walking through the empty house in my swimsuit. Though it wouldn’t really matter if my dad was here since he would most likely be in his office and both my sister are in college now. I walked through the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing a peach Snapple on my way to my room. I needed to get ready for meeting tonight. It was the first one since us new top girls have been appointed our spots. Once I got to my room I immediately plugged my phone in and turned on some music. Better by Khalid started playing through the speakers in my room, closet and bathroom. I stripped down, throwing the swimsuit in the hamper and walked into the bathroom connected to my closet. I turned the water on in the shower, hot. I liked hot showers, the mirror started to fog up. Once done I blow dried my hair, letting it dry normally which was straight. I sat on the padded seat right next to my counter in my closet and sat criss cross on it, holding the lighted mirror close to my face and applying eyeliner to my eye lids in a swift motion. I was excited for tonight but also nervous. I knew everyone would be watching us as we became the new top heartbreakers and then also at the party I was throwing after at my house, I sent out information via text earlier this morning that would be at my house. My dad wasn’t home, he was in Connecticut till Thursday for work so I wouldn’t have to worry about him coming home. I got down from the seat and grabbed the clothes I would be wearing and changed into them. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair a little, running my hands through it a few times to straighten out some pieces. I smiled to myself in the full-length mirror and the outfit showed off my toned legs. I went over to the side table and unplugged the phone, taking a snap of me in the mirror, showing off my best assets. I sent it to my streaks can be any of your characters lol on snapchat saying, “the queens ready” in black letters, of course black. Anyone who knows me, knows it’s my favorite color. Before heading downstairs, I grabbed a pair of black heels and then walked down the stairs, swinging them in my hand. Once to the bottom of them I saw my neighbor’s son and his friends I had convinced (which very easy. I mean come on they are like 14, what 14-year-old would turn this down.) “thanks boys.” I said to them with a little wave and walked over to the counter. “you can leave though now.” I told them and walked over to the blonde boy, giving him a kiss on the check, I mean come one had to repay them somehow. I smirked as he started to blush, and all the other boys’ jaws dropped. I turned on my heels and listened as they left and all the boys talking in hushed tones. the door shut behind them with a semi loud bang. I pulled out my phone scrolling through a few things while waiting for the others to arrive. I sat on the edge of the counter, putting my shoes on and tightening the strap. I opened one of the bottles of wine that was set out on the counter along with many different types of sushi which I had preordered for tonight for everyone to snack on, the wine was stolen from my dads’ liquor cabinet of course but he never noticed. Monday meetings usually weren’t much more than going on what parties would be going on that we had gotten addresses for already, the rules for the new girls and just time to talk to each other before the party. The heartbreakers were an exclusive group and all other girls knew about Mondays and envied everyone who was here. It was a status thing. I poured some of the white wine into a glass and sipped as I waited.

wow sorry this is a lot!

what the snap looks like, different clothes tho

cams house


Cameron is approachable at her house

Tyler is approachable anywhere.

heartbreakers rules

can be broken secretly

  • never fall in love

  • never tell any of the boys anything that happens at Monday night meetings

  • top tier top three word is law

  • don’t ever get too drunk

  • always dress to impress

  • never sleep with another heartbreakers ex without getting a verbal okay first

  • dolls before balls

roleplay rules

  • this would be a more semi advanced roleplay, I expect at least three sentences minimum

  • i don’t mind swearing, but some might. just be careful. just blur it

  • i ask you are a bit mature for this. i mean, but i still want people to be able to handle it. there might be drugs or alcohol involved. if couples go more than making out and such fade, get it off my thread I don’t want to get in trouble for it

  • if you go inactive, i’ll let it slide for maybe a week (seven days). if i go that long without hearing from you, i will pm you to ask and make sure everything is okay. if i do not receive in answer within four days, i will reopen your spot to someone

  • if you have any questions, concerns, or just wonderings, please ask!

  • that’s about it


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Day one IRL:
8:15-9:15 history
9:20-10:10 math
10:15-11 free period (can leave)
11:10-12 science
Day two IRL:
12:10-1:30 lunch (can leave)
1:40-2:30 english
2:35-3:15 health/PE (if in a sport can go do that! Your choice idc)
Day theee IRL:
3:20-3:45 homeroom
Day four/five IRL:

each day in the RP is equal to 5 real days. ill let you know when classes are over and new ones are starting!

Heartbreakers sign ups
Heartbreakers sign ups
Heartbreakers sign ups
Heartbreakers sign ups

Maddison Lockwood
I wake up and get ready for the day. As I wake up and go on snap and see cam post… Then I get up and get dressed Outfit after that I go to eat lunch.When I finished I went straight to cams house.



I pulled up to my house in my jeep, I’d just back from vacation in Costa Rica with my older sister, her boyfriend and our dad. I hurried inside, holding my one bag in my hand. My dad was still unloading the jeep, but I didn’t want to help. The boys and I were meeting at some club tonight. What the name again? Ahh…Rule G. We were going there to pregame before the party at Cameron’s house. The girls had something going on before but didn’t tell any of us. Said it was a secret. In my imagination, they are all in their bras and underwear and playing spin the bottle. I hurried and got changed before calling and uber to take me to the club.


Maddy soon arrived at cams house
knocks on door


Eilish Quinn

I get dressed, putting on an outfit with my favourite pair of combat boots. I call an Uber to Cameron’s house. Once I arrive, I get out of the Uber and adjust my sunglasses before running a hand through my red hair. I walk up to Cameron’s front door and ring the doorbell.
@Madilnel - Mentioned

Jackson Moore

I get in my car and drive towards this club that Tyler told us to meet at. He said something about we were going to wait there until the girls were ready for us or something like that. I sit in traffic for a good 5 minutes before finding my way to the club I walk in, looking around to find the rest of the guys.
Approachable, in the club


She lounged on one of the beanbags in her room, the day being uneventful so far. She grinned to herself, knowing it was about to change. She got up and stretched, looking down when she saw her phone beep. On it was a notification for Cameron’s snap. The queens ready. She smiled again. This is going to be fun. She always looked forward to Monday meetings, as those symbolized freedom for her. Freedom from her strict parents. Freedom from school. She could get lost in the world of the Heartbreakers. She quickly changed into her outfit
for the night. Better to be ready sooner than later. She then rushed over to her mirror and started with her makeup. She decided to leave her hair down, as she rarely put it up. Her hair looked much better down in her opinion. She finished and then headed downstairs and turned toward the door. “Where do you think you’re going?” her mom asked. “Hey Mom,” she said in a fake cheery voice. “I’m going out.” Her mom scowled. “Don’t you have homework?” Jade pretended to think for a moment and said,” Nope! Bye!” She blew a kiss as she started out the door. Her mother did not look happy. “You know, you’re not allowed to use the car. I have the keys right here.” Jade silently cursed her mother in her head and slammed the door. She took a breath of fresh air before pulling out her phone and calling an Uber. She got in, sighing.
ORP: Oof, that was long.


I woke up this morning excited! I can’t believe how eventful my day is going to be! After I got over myself, I got in the shower and got dressed in this outfit. I probably changed my outfit 5 times before I actually was ready to go. I open my streaks, and see Cameron’s post. Her outfits cute I think. I end up calling my chauffeur and tell him to bring around the car. When he arrives at my front door, I leave my house and get in my new car. I can at least ride in style, even though I don’t have my license yet, I think. When I finally arrive, I realize I am not the first one. I get out the car and push my long, brown hair to one side. I walk up to Cameron’s door and knock.

@Madilnel -Mentioned.



Seeing 'THE Cameron’s snap post I too decided to get up and get ready for the meeting. I got out of bed which I had been lying on for like the past 2 hours, I went into the bathroom for a nice shower. It took me about 20 minutes to be done, when I was officially done I walked back into my bedroom. I went into my closet and searched around for a nice outfit. I finally made up my mind on this. I then called an uber, it was not a long ride. We reached the house and I then made my way to Cameron’s door step.



Getting the message, I got ready to leave. I took a shower and threw in a quick choice of clothing. I got into my car and drove to the bar. Here we guy, were supposed to meet before the party. As I reached the bar, I was getting lazy. I got out and went into the bar, some of the guys were already there. I walked in and headed over to the bartender, feeling like I needed something to drink. I wasn’t in the mood for getting drunk though.I knew I had to drive to the party anyways and I had a feeling I wouldn’t be served.


Daniel Boyle & Hannah Kaye

Sitting up with a head ache from last nights fun, Hannah heard her phone go off. “Ugh.” She groaned sitting up and noticing some boy in her bed next to her.
“Morning beautiful.” The boy murmured next to her and she rolled her eyes.
“Morning. Time to leave.” She ordered sitting up and taking out a cigarette from her knight stand as the boy sat up suddenly.
“What but–”
“The door is that way Jared.” She pointed to it not even looking at him as she placed the cigarette between her lips and opened up her phone.
“It’s Jim.”
She snapped her head towards him, “Do I look like I care? Leave.” She ordered again and turned to her phone again. Opening up the snap-chat, she left Justin of whoever roll out of bed and leave the house grumbling something under his breath. She gave a laugh as she saw Cameron’s little post. Oh sweetie? Queen with that kind of outfit? She got up, taking her sweet time to take a shower and pick out what to wear. Picking a nice lacy top and some jeans she left the house with her new outfit.

Danny stepped outside confused, “What could you possible have for me dad? My birthday isn’t today… Christmas isn’t here yet…” He said eyeing his father.
“You’ll love it I know you will.” He opened up the trunk of his car and took out a bag.
“Okay, this is suspicious.” Danny said taking the bag and looking inside, " No fucking way!" He yelled taking out Alan Wake from the bag, “How did you get this! This is just the best mystery game ever to come out on xbox!” He laughed and his dad smiled.
“I have to get to the station, but you enjoy that.” His father gave a salute and got in his car driving away as Danny grinned starting like always to talk to himself.
“This is the best thing to happen to since --” His eyes noticed Hannah leaving her aunts house, “Since the day Hannah Kaye moved into town.” He grinned at Hannah who only rolled her eyes. “Good morning beautiful.” He jumped over the fence between them and walked beside her towards her car.
“When are you going to learn that I hate you.”
“Hate, love, same thing.” He shrugged.
“In what dictionary?”
She got to her car and opened the door only to have Daniel close the door and stop her, “In mine. Come on H Kay, just admit your undying feelings for you lovable geek next door.”
He smirked and Hannah was this close to punching him but instead she paced a hand on his chest, “You’re right Danni.” She ran her hand up his chest pulling his shirt up with her hand and Daniel’s heart raced. “I have something to confess to you. Since I moved away.” She murmured leaning closer, “I.”
Dani’s heart was racing under her palm. “Loath you!” She pulled away, getting into her car and slamming the door, driving off.
“Loathe in some step closer to love!” He called with a grin. “Hey wait! I need a right! Hann! Hanni!” He yelled but she had already drove off.
With a sigh he started towards the club.

Daniel Boyle

Finally getting to the club he had no idea why he was there but Mason had assured him that being a top boy meant he now had to go to these kind of things. Even though he would much rather be home playing the video game till he passed out from lack of sleep, he wouldn’t do that. Instead he walked over to the bar and smiled at the bartender as he asked what he wanted. “I want… a drink…”
“What kind of drink?”
“… yes.”

Danni's outfit

Related image

Hannah Kaye

She arrived at least two or so hours late, stepping out of her lux car and walking inside the house, “The main bitch is here sluts, can’t start without me whores what did I miss.” She smiled, “And how quick can this meeting be? Like I want this part to start, I want fresh meat. Jared was such a disappointment last night.” She picked up a glass of wine and scuffed, “Pretty weak but doable.” She said, knowing her tolerance was pretty strong.


This top:

Bottom and jacket

Both are approachable. Hannah in the house, Daniel at the bar

Heartbreakers sign ups


She kissed her mother goodbye, hugging her tightly, “Goodbye Mom, ’ll be back in a bit.” her mother grabbed Aideen tightly trying to keep her from walking away, “Mom…Loslassen. ch werde nicht für immer gehen.” at this her mother let Aideen go and she kissed her goodbye one final time. She ran to the kitchen table to grab the car keys and her camera. She slammed the door on her way out and jumped into the car.

The drive to Cam’s house took at least thirty minutes from Aideens place without traffic but with her luck there was traffic, she managed to reach Cam’s house in forty minutes ten minutes longer than usual. She sat in her car fixing her hair and outfit. She got out of the car and sat on the hood, looking through her phones notifications for a bit.

After checking all notifications Aideen walked up to house and spotted a few other people standing at the door, instead of knocking or ringing the doorbell she just stood near the door, waiting for it to open since she assumed someone else had knocked.

Aideen got bored waiting and reached to open the door, she was suprised to find it open, she walked inside and went to the kitchen sitting down at a chair.

Approachable At The House


Ian turned off his laptop but not without one last look at the girls image, he grabbed his phone and looked at his messages, hoping to see a message from an old friend. Not seeing a message he frowned then shook his head, he knew why he wouldn’t ever see a message.

He walked out of his bedroom and went to go get a smoothie from the fridge, grabbing a Bannana Smoothie he went to the couch to watch TV, he began watching Law & Order, then remembered that he had to go to the club.

Ian walked to the club which suprisingly wasn’t far from his house, inside Ian didn’t know where to go so he went to the bar to get a glass of water. As he sat down Ian saw Daniel on the other side of the bar, he knew Daniel knew Mason so he went over there. Hoping to ask a question or two, “Hey…Daniel right?”



She finally arrived at the house and made her way in, smiling. She saw Aideen near the entrance and decided to talk to her. “Hi Aideen! How are you?”
It was time for the meeting at the bar and he walked down the streets, almost at the bar. He preferred walking. It was calming, and God knew there was tons of drama that had unfolded before and it was likely to happen again this year. Though that was the fun part. Sometimes just being in the background was the best role. He finally reached the bar and walked in while adjusting his glasses, looking for the other boys.
ORP: Any boys available to talk to Evander?


Daniel Boyle

“How about beer?” The bartender offered and Danni looked around leaning forward towards the tender and said.
“How about the weakest thing you can give me?”
The bartender gave him a deadpan look, “So water.”
“Or clear whiskey.” Daniel winked.
“That’s not a thing.” The bartender looked like he was slowly dying inside if Danni kept it up.
“Um… Bourbon?” He offered.
“Look kid you’re under age, and the one here ordering water, can we just–”
“Bourbon it is kind sir!” Daniel called with a laugh before going back down to a small whispered, “Thank you for the water.”
The bartender sighed, knowing that no one else could hear him and went to go get his water. Daniel nearly jumped as someone spoke. “And with extra ice!” He called to bartender to just groaned before turning to the boy, “That’s me! Ian right? What’s up.”


Heartbreakers sign ups

ORP: Forgot to do Lucas!

After arriving at the club, I notice that Daniel is there, but is talking to someone else. I decide to go to the bar and order a drink while I look around. I start to just sip on my drink, while I look around. I see no one interesting, and decide to wait for Daniel to stop talking to him. Hopefully Emilio gets here soon
Just as I thought that, I saw this guy that looked nice, and walked up to him. “Sunglasses indoors,” I quickly asked.




“Just curious, do you know if Mason will be here…I kinda need to try to talk to him.” Ian asked hoping that Mason would be there, “Also…you shouldn’t drink, it’s bad for you.” he mutters. Ian crossed his arms nervously, and somewhat looks around to see whos all at the club. He gets a notification on his phone and checks it, some Dark Web things, nothing that included him.



“Hey Jade…it’s good, Err, I’m good. How are you?” she smiled, “We should totally jump off a cliff together! It’d be so freaking fun!” Aideen laughs softly, “Okay maybe no jumping, sorry if I’m blabbering.” She shifts her weight from one leg to another.


Heartbreakers sign ups

Zack finally wakes up and gets ready for the day… He’s finally is ready and hops in his Car Then he heads to the bar. After he arrives he walks up to Evander ”Hey dude” zack says


ORP: Nope, he actually wears glasses. :joy:
“Nope. Actual glasses. Heh. You getting a drink?” He turned his head toward the bar’s assortment of drinks on the wall and sat on one of the stools.


She laughed. “I’m good, though I probably wouldn’t be as good if I jumped off a cliff.” She grinned. “I like your outfit, it’s super cute on you! And I’m glad you’re doing good. Excited for the meeting?” She was giddy with excitement; meetings were one of her favorite parts of being a Heartbreaker for some reason.


Daniel Boyle

I’m sorry, I just love Danni already. This is too fun.

“Right, drinking! Totally dude!” He grinned awkwardly looking around and hopping it would be enough to fool him, “Wait… Mason?” He asked. Since when did Mason hang out with Ian… Mystery for my little boy! YES! Artmis, my woman, thank you! “Oh, well he would be here. He’s the one who’s into this kind of thing after all.” Danni laughed. “So he should be here, might be late though… sorry…” He chuckled, “Why do you ask?”


Heartbreakers sign ups

“It’s open.” I yelled from the counter I was sitting on. I rolled my eyes and got down, walking to the door. I opened it and turned sharply. I took a drink of the wine in my hand. Hannah’s here I heard her voice behind me. As much as I loved her, I always didn’t. “Hello dolls.” I said to no one in particular and found a spot on the couch. I crossed my legs and leaned back. I raised a brow at a few peoples outfits, dress to impress I thought to myself, one of the rules all heartbreakers should know. I made a face and shook my head before putting a fake smile on.

@ScarletSwanHunter mentioned

Approachable so is Tyler jn the club

Heartbreakers sign ups

ORP: I was about to fix that! My eyes deceived me >:( !!

I casually laugh, as I raise my arm up to show my half empty glass. “Just had one, but I could use a refill,” I said noncalantly, as I motion for the bartender. “How was your summer,” I ask, wanting to have a little conversation. “I’m Lucas by the way.”