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-just a wink could make your heart melt. just a slight glance and a bit of the lip will make your knees start to shake. a brush of the shoulder and the sweet smell of her delicate locks and your in another world.
that’s what they say about a small group of girls, the heartbreakers. they know how to make you feel very special for a night, leaving you wondering what happened but they didn’t just leave they stole your poor little heart that was full of hope and love and put it into their own collection of trophies. they are beautiful but dangerous. sexy yet very classy. eyes of an angle but red lips like the devil.
they are three rich girls who have learned everything from the old group of heart breakers and now your in the loop. you are welcome to come to their exclusive club and learn from their cunning ways. but when being accepted into this elite group of girls there are many rules and secrets that are here to follow. will you be able to stick to them or will it be to much for you and you’ll be pushed off the top of the totem pole?

heartbreakers rules

  • never fall in love
  • never tell any of the boys anything that happens at Monday night meetings
  • top tier top three word is law
  • dont ever get too drunk
  • always dress to impress
  • never sleep with another heartbreakers ex without getting a verbal okay first
    *dolls before balls

top heartbreakers

  1. reserved


-as for the boys, they have known these girls for a while now and decide it’s time they won’t fall for the beautiful females that seem to runs circles around them in the game of love. they think of a way to flip the switch. taking the ropes into their hands they will make the girls fall for them and do onto them the way the girls made them feel.

top boys


roleplay rules

  • this would be a more semi advanced roleplay, I expect at least three sentences minimum
  • i don’t mind swearing, but some might. just be careful. just blur it
  • i ask you are a bit mature for this. i mean, but i still want people to be able to handle it. there might be drugs or alcohol involved. if couples go more than making out and such fade, get it off my thread I don’t want to get in trouble for it
  • if you go inactive, i’ll let it slide for maybe a week (seven days). if i go that long without hearing from you, i will pm you to ask and make sure everything is okay. if i do not receive in answer within four days, i will reopen your spot to someone
  • i do require that you make a male for each female. so a girl and a boy per person.
    – i know some characters may have a bad background, but i don’t want any sob stories like “she was abused all her life, was turned over to cps, and never got adopted so she lived her life in a miserable orphanage. she never made friends. she used to cut and attempted suicide. now, she’s with a boyfriend who hits her all the time.”
  • mix it up! show some diversity! show me a unique character!
  • if you have any questions, concerns, or just wonderings, please ask!
  • that’s about it

sign up – will be up soon
FC slides – will be soon


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@KBaldi93 @jdepisode @amaiaxx21 @CrazyCaliope
@drama_queer @caticorn @chaychay @CrazygirldY_dY_dY


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top heartbreakers

  1. Cameron McKinley @Madilnel
  2. Jenylyn @dramaqueen.episode
  3. Hannah Kaye @ScarletSwanHunter

Bailey Bannies @ChayChay
Samantha Perkins @ChayChay
Harlow Campbell @Littlefeets
Adieen Mcallister @Art3Miss
Maddison Lockwood @Kamorie1027
Hailee Martinez @Phoenixx
Jenylyn Reyes @dramaqueen.episode
Jadelyn Arroz @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
Chelsea Scott @jdepisode
Eilish Quinn @Caticorn
Mercedes Saito @wildstyle103
Leah Nolan @KBaldi93
Sapphire Paige @Killerfrost
Scarlette Fins @bossyroxy411
Meadow Dixon @riahh30

top boys

  1. Daniel Boyle @ScarletSwanHunter
  2. Jason Granger @ChayChay
  3. Mason @jdepisode

Tyler Andrews @madilnel
Marshal Campbell @Littlefeets
Lance Granger @ChayChay
Ian Liwaku @Art3Miss
Zachary Lockwood @Kamorie1027
Carter Chavez J.r @dramaqueen.episode
Evander Mckinnon @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
Mason Truce @jdepisode
Jackson Moore @Caticorn
Emilio Woods @wildstyle103
reserved @ThatRandomPerson
Joshua Daniels @KBaldi93
Lucas Crawford @riahh30
Reserved @Killerfrost
Reserved @bossyroxy411


need a boy still

need a girl still

if you have a top position and your form isn’t filled out within 48 then I will open it up for someone else and yours would just become a member.

  • start Nov 25
  • start Dec 2

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Heartbreakers Official RP

Reserve a top heartbreaker


Reserve for top heartbreaker!


Reserve top herbreaker please


added the sign up in the second post with the tags. remember if you make a girl you also need to make a boy and vice versa.


Reserve for a heartbreaker.


I would suggest adding the reserves as well, since it looks like you can’t edit the top post anymore, but I could be wrong, I don’t know


yes. im adding those to the second post also! im finishing up making the slides and adding that link then I will!
@ChayChay the top heartbreakers all already are reserved


I’m excited. :joy: This sounds fun!


Top guy then?


I don’t know if I’m allowed but if not that’s fine, can I have a top boy as well since we have to make one boy and one girl?


@ScarletSwanHunter yes thats fine! :slight_smile:
@ChayChay sure.


And reserve for a heartbreaker too.

What does position mean?


@ChayChay, only if they are a top if not you can just say member!




Reserve for a heartbreaker and a guy


What is the limit on character? Like can I make two of each?


up to 4 per person as of now.


Okay… I found some guy twins I want o use that’s why I asked.