Heartbreakers sign ups


im so bored! Im not going to class today and no ones on🙃


Tsk tsk why arent u in class XD


not tryna walk to it in the snow :joy::joy: my dorms warm!


Legit me when I was at school to. I was like hmm not go to class and stay warm or walk across campus and freeze. I would stay in my warm room or bed


Aww man i love snow but that’s probably because I’ve only seen it like, twice in my life XD so never experienced anything like a snow day and stuff XD

But dude agreed that it’s like, ten times worse getting out of bed when it’s winter.


Ahem @Killerfrost


Well, this isn’t Awkward…


What’s going on? Are some of them still at the club where the boys are? I missed a lot. :sweat_smile:


I guess they’re heading to cams


Some are in cars, some are at clubs, some are getting dressed at their own houses, and some are at cam’s lol.


It just… people everywhere… Like in real life!


Yeaah… oops. My bad :smirk:


Well that’s not confusing at all. :joy: Are any of the Heartbreakers still at the club so Jade can talk to them?


I have no clue who is left at the club… or bar…


Shh shhh Let the girl bask in her inability to receive a joke XD

"Because Danni. Pizza is the only thing you actually attempt to seduce. "

  • This has been a report from MasonLogic. Tune in next week to find out how to get a date in two minutes.


I mean… he isn’t wrong… XD

“GASP! It’s okay baby, he didn’t mean anything, don’t listen to him you’re the only pizza in my life.”


friggin snorted and spit water everywhere.


:joy:omgg :joy:


I mean if everyone wants to start going back to the cams that’d be cool!