Heartbreakers sign ups


So true!

That’s the face i make… I mean what?


Who knows what Cabbage is really hiding? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle:


When what riah??


i have a wedgie


Does anyone want to approach Chelsea at the party?
I feel like I havent rped with her as much :thinking:


As if a wedgie is something go be ashamed of. It means you actually wear underwear right.


lolllll. idk why im laughing so hard at this. but ill reply when i get home.


Anyone have an approachable character, because I have Jenylyn?

I haven’t been in this RP for so long.


I have Eilish approachable


Oh sorry I took so long to reply, but is she still approachable?


I may have to finish other replies later tonight or tomorrow morning, seeing as my brain is slightly fried.


Yes, she is, if you have still have an approachable character


Where is she?


Are you gonna respond to Bailey and josh? Lol


Yeah. Sorry.


You can put her anywhere


I swear swear swear swear replies will be done tomorrow after I’m finito con trabajo


hi I’m back! been super busy, anyone wanna lmk what ive missed!?


People have done the do.

Hailee and Mason and Jade are in the hospital. Hailee got shot.

Ummm… someone is pregnant.

I dont know of anything else…?


Good times…