Heartbreakers sign ups


Indeed child.


So, um, anything interesting happen while I was gone? (I was gone yesterday and since like an hour ago.)


Not really. Unless you call Bailey getting hit by a car interesting.


Eh. Hailee already got shot so that’s not too bad.


Yes indeed. Baiely Ian still alive. Just ogt some bruises and cuts and a brokenness leg and fractured arm


Uh. I think Hailee’s in a coma? Or just dead but who really knows? :joy:


i do :smiling_imp:


Umm… I hope everyone is okay. Nobody has really been posting. Y’all stay safe!


I’m back also approachable I have been having some family problems not I’m back now


Yay… glad your safe




So what happened while I was gone? :sob::joy::joy:


Bailey by it by a car. That about it. Lol


Been running around everywhere and school just started up again :confounded: sorryyyyy


It’s cool. It’s just not the same with y’all all gone. Haha… I’m trying to keep it alive though.


i can make a character approachable if you want.

though, i don’t know how often i can be on during the week.


It’s cool. Lol


U go ChayChay :point_right:


top heartbreakers are all taken.


I think I got everyone? If I missed you lemme know.