Heartbreakers sign ups


How young are these people he upsets!?


I just realized how bad that could sound…
It was sarcasm. Mostly. Totally.


You don’t sound very sure about how sarcastic it was meant too be.


I swear. Despite the fact he’s been hanging out with 16 and 17 year olds…he’s totes not a pedophile. Totes.


I’ll let you and your pedophile Mace win this time.


This nurse is very. . . Wow.


The nurse seems like a bit of a bitch.



Well jade did say she was a biatch. I had to pull thru with it :smirk: but yes. Not very pleasant XDc


True. :joy: And hey, the bitchier a character is, the more fun it is to play them!


Totes mah goats man, totes mah goats XD


Why goats? No one likes goats, actually goats are kinda cool.


How can u deny the goat when his hair is the defintion of perfection?

their eyes scare me. Not to mention they all hate me.


Poor, poor Jay.



You’re alive!!!


Already dead without even reading the actual post part XD



Yes I am, it’s a very shocking thing I know.


Fun story, when I was little my dad took me to a petting zoo kind of place. (Not exactly sure what it was.) There were goats there along with donkeys and other animals. So I was looking at the goats and trying to get them to eat the food I gave. So after that we went to a restaurant at the same place and there was a goats head on one of the walls. (There were other animals as well. I don’t even know. :joy:) So He wasn’t looking at the goats eyes and was like, “Wait, are all goats eyes like that?” And I said yes. He was like, “Oh! I just thought those two goats we saw were messed up or sick or something!” He’s laughing and I’m basically facepalming.

Thanks for listening to my random story of the day! Random stories brought to you by Crazy.:laughing:


Bish bettah prepare herself