Heartbreakers sign ups


Just gotta pee on everyone’s party huh


she is a sad person…



Well damn. :joy:(I literally just read the few posts about the murders and such.) So much for an ‘innocent’ RP about heartbreaking! (Hardly anyone has actually been doing heartbreaking because I’m pretty sure no one wants their characters heart to be broken.) But death is always a nice twist! And extremely fun to play/watch! I think I’m way too excited by death.


Oh~ wait till I drag both Evander and Lucas into this :smiling_imp: And whoever else is interested you know…

And if you two are still okay with me leading a murder mystery with your characters. :sweat_smile:


So you even have to ask? Of course I’m okay with murder!

That sounds wrong. I mean I’m okay with a murder mystery!


Are you a witch too! I wouldn’t put it past you.


I don’t know why but I always saw this place as a small town, so I might make it one of those small town mysteries where any NPC could have done it :joy:

Honestly, I was never really good at the whole heart breaker drama, BUT I am good at this kind of drama soooooo… Be prepared for a funeral in the near future! YAY!

Also, Crazy, do you have something you want to tell us?
Hello, 911. Yes I think I found a future serial killer – What do you mean writers don’t count!


Oh I’m planning on Josh hurting Bailey i just want them to be happy for a little bit before he does anything


I mean. . . Who really knows? :smirk:


Well if your the kind of witch who kidnaps children, you can have my… third-born. The other two are taken by Riah and Ja- I mean whaaat, I don’t know any witches…


Same! (That’s also a part of why Jade freaked out with Lance. Because I can’t write anything romantic and heartbreaking. I mean, I can write cute romance scenes but definitely not seductive. :joy:)
The writers thing is extremely relatable! Like, I swear that most writers are probably on the FBI’s list. :joy:




Don’t question things.




I will sacrifice you to the cult, I may or may not belong too! cough cough I mean… club. And no sacrificing, I swear… maybe just offer you to my snake gods.




Is it bad that i like torturing characters by doing both o.o


That’s why I like rping with you. Pat, pat


There’s plenty of people with the starting Ja! You just ratted yourself out.

She took the second born.

I’m giving away all my children to witches! or evil people If your looking for a free child or henchperson just ask. (I do not pay shipping)

Just thought people should know.