Heartbreakers sign ups


Yeah… maybe not :joy:


Don’t you just love my character ideas. They usually involve, pain, pain, and pain.


I’m lowkey balling my eyes out as I read your guys’ conversation


Pat, pat don’t worry, Lucas will be involved too. Because I’m cruel.


It Came outta nowhere
But yup. That’s you scar XD


Those are the best ideas. :full_moon_with_face:


Oh goodness. This car crash almost makes me want to make sure Lucas doesn’t drive himself home.


Well… I actually had it planned before the RP started but life comes out of no where sooooo


Oh, no, no no worry about that. He’ll live…


You’ve been plotting out all the bad things in your characters life before even starting to play as them. :joy:


Yeah… I’m that bad of a creator that I plan out my children’s torture.


Don’t we all plan out the torture they will receive. Lol we just don’t usually know who else is involved. Right


Nah, all good writers know who’s going to die even before they actually start writing a book. :joy:


That’s true :joy: Gotta know how much pain to put them through. And wing it a little. :wink:


True dat true dat


@Kamorie1027 I don’t know. Lol


Well then okay haha


@Kamorie1027 I think USA. But I’m
Not sure




Hi all I luy love yoh