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Yes. Respect my child. High five


High five threw the phone :joy::joy::joy::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


This is me, before I make a really stupid and bad discussion in my life. :joy: Usually ends badly, but it’s fine.

“Couches ate my father, I have promised to take my revenge on every couch in the city. THEY WILL FEEL MY WRATH!”


I always suspected that couches were hiding something. . .




I’m going to just hide from my couch now. :joy:
Newest conspiracy theory just out: THE COUCHES ARE OUT TO GET US ALL!!!


You flatearthers had it wrong! The real threat was right under your butts! LITERALLY!


I’m back haha I had to run to my charger so my iPhone wouldn’t die :joy::joy::joy:


sorry to sound bossy js it is apart of the rules so plz try and abide by it because ive given a lot of warnings…


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@Kamorie1027 I am weak for our characters. I also ship their FCs :joy:

Sorry everyone just tell me if I need to tone it down on the RP.


ORP: :joy::joy::joy:same​:heart::heart::heart:He’s so freaking cute I can’t. :pleading_face: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@CrazygirldY_dY_dY should we calm down ? :thinking: :joy: :smirk:

I’m here knowing I gotta do homework but this is just interesting right now. @Kamorie1027





I mean, there may be kids. . .

You know what, if they play Epsiode they’ll be fine.


Jay on a regular bases.


We shall not scar the kiddo’s. They are to innocent… Unlike @jdepisode :smirk:


True True, but the authors usually give a warning, but yet it kinda makes the entire story better. :smirk:

The Life of an Episode Reader/Author.