Heartbreakers sign ups


8:15-9:15 history
9:20-10:10 math
10:15-11 free period (can leave)
11:10-12 science
12:10-1:30 lunch (can leave)
1:40-2:30 english
2:35-3:15 health/PE (if in a sport can go do that! Your choice idc)
3:20-3:45 homeroom
will also add this to first post on the RP


@ScarletSwanHunter @riahh30 @Littlefeets @phoenixx
@KBaldi93 @jdepisode @amaiaxx21 @CrazyCaliope
@drama_queer @caticorn @chaychay @CrazygirldY_dY_dY


That was fast haha


So is that real time or?


no each day in the RP is equal to 4 real days. ill let you know when classes are over and new ones are starting!


Sorry @Madilnel, but why am I being tagged? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


opposes im so sorry!!!


No problem. :wink:




Does anyone have a female character that wouldn’t mind being disturbed or that’s approachable?

If any is open, please don’t let them kiss or give their number to Jason. :+1: :smirk:


I think Jay had her female available…


Ok thank you.

Erm which user is Jay specifically? Clueless as ever.


I am the infamous jay :smirk:
And yes, my female Chelsea is available anywhere ya need her really XD


That gif, my lord XD


I’m dead from your gif, anyways its an honour to be in the presence of Jay. Can I get somewhere where she’d likely be?

I know yah said anywhere but…


I’ll be signing autographs. When I can actually write good cursive. Find me then.

Aaaaand let’s just say sheeeeees…in the living room dancing like a jellied fool


Good to know, I have a question however. How long does it take on an average basis to find the perfect gif?


… I’m so confused…


A question for you too, is @drama_queer in this RP ?

:joy: :upside_down_face:


Not yet. Hasn’t submitted forms yet.


Good to know, thank you.