Heartbreakers sign ups


I have Lance and Sammy


My characters are.


I love this friendship already.

I love her. She is feeding my son. I love her.

I don’t know why I laughed… I can not say why, it’s just funny.

Rolls in like


Sup baby girl, you like my swag?

I’m sorry… I’m sorry…


Would any of the Heartbreakers be willing to maybe give Jade a ride to school? (If not I have a backup plan. :joy:)


Smae :smirk: they share an avid knowledge of gushers

Anyone who gives free food is a saint on my list


Goshdang I cant see the gif but that line tho XD


And I have no friggin clue why this made me laugh so hard XD


So much knowledge that one of them is turning into one XD

TRUTH! You give free food you are an angel!

Ahem… hold on…

Not the same one but…



The accuracy of the mehmeh tho :smirk: XD


Meadow can.


Yeaaah, that was supposed to be for Mason XD


Okay, thank you!


Of course, maybe just have her call her or something? Unless you want me to type it


Maddy’s approachable just wanna let you guys know


anyone wanna talk with cam! im bored lol tylers busy with @Killerfrost and their not on!


I mean I have Chelsea?? Idk if theyd talk to one another tho what do u think


yeah fine by me!


Aight, do u wanna have her approach Chelsea? :slight_smile:


yes I will!!!


I could have scarlette approache her?