Heartbreakers sign ups


Lol. I can’t.


This was totally on purpose wasnt it :smirk:


… Maybe…


WAYYY off topic but theres a party tonight, the last of the semester and classes got cancelled tomo soooo do I go…but finals are next week and I should be studying and its cold but I also really like the frat thats throwing it so I need help!


I say go dude, have fun. ENJOY! PARTY!!!


I agree with you Scarlet. You deserve to have fun especially before finals. The cold part stinks though. But go and enjoy


okay thanks then!! my replies probs will be scarce then


What’s happening in the roleplay at the momment? I’ve been gone.


It’s now the next day, I think most people are getting to school.


Oh, that makes sense then.


I have Lance and Sammy approachable. If anyone wants


@CrazygirldY_dY_dY I swear I have not forgotten a reply I just waiting on @jdepisode


Don’t apologize. :joy: Evander will just stay by the window looking like a damn fool.

Not that he needs to be by the window to be a scarcastic fool. :upside_down_face:


I’m Canadian I will always apologize. :joy: it’s fine, he’s a funny sarcastic fool. So it’s all good


Sorry!!! Will be done with it in two secs!! It was my sisters bday so I’ve been out like a ninja.

But you dont say it like a Canadian :unamused:


It’s fine. Happy birthday Milk or whichever one this is!

You’re still salty on that! WE SPEAK AMERICAN!


It ain’t milk, my slave child, but you’ve never heard of this one so all gouda XD



What’s stereotypical canadian?


They say sorry like…uhhh…trying to sound it out.

Soi-rey?? Sore-ree?


I have Lance approachable still if anyone wants to talk with him.