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He was in the library. But it’s like third period so he is in class.


Does he still need someone to approach him?




Where is Lance?


In class. 3rd period. Sitting by the window drawing.


Wait, what is the third period class?


It’s on the first post of the thread. lol I don’t remember.


It’s free period… so he is in the library by a window drawing. Lol


Okay got it. I’m going to have Jade approach him.




Do you still need someone?


Yeah sorry, I just got home.


Do you want to approach?


You should do it. :smirk:


Okay. :wink:


4th period!!


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@ScarletSwanHunter - I’m just gonna have them arrive to the school. U can do whatevs u want after that :+1:


Sure thing. I fell asleep yesterday before I could reply. So sorry. They still talking or?


No, no worries! I passed out at friggin 8pm XD
They can if u wanna, it’s just 4th period. Just wanna say they’re late or something??


Yeah I have an idea so I’ll just write up something now if you haven’t yet replied.