Heartbreakers sign ups


Cool beans :+1:


@Madilnel I swear you posted a post for cam i havent responded to right?? I’ve been looking for it for literally ten minutes XD could u tag me in it again? I’ll keep looking for it in the meantime


I have been inactive due to exams and I really couldn’t seem to manage my time. If I am still in the rp I’ll try to catch up. Also finding the forums, there is a slight issue when I am using the forums. Internet or something kind of issue.

Being inactive is making me go crazy.


@jdepisode, I cant find it either!! I can write something new, give me a bit im studying for exams!
@dramaqueen.episode, its all good!! I completely understand. I will be going through people who hacent posted in awhile and putting charries up for adoption but you let know so you are good!


WAIT! Are Jadis end Lance a ship? Someone confirm


Umm, not sure? :joy:


How are you not sure?! You play her!


I have the IQ of a baby. Skskskdjs

And I mean, they met a day ago? :joy: Your slow friend over here needs some time to think. I think I kind of like it though. (Don’t worry @ChayChay this won’t end up like Ryleigh and Keanu!)




Touche mate. Touche


No prob, ur all good!


Why is this me…


He then kissed her neck. “Is this okay?”



Who needs morals these days? (And I meant she won’t do anything serious. :joy:)


Also I have Daniel as approachable if anyone is free!


I can’ttttttttttttttttt!



They’re cute. I like it. My inner demon says,cause drama but I’ll shut it up for now


As I said, who needs morals? She won’t do anything more than kissing though, I’m too damn young to write stuff like that. :joy:

I would say I’m a good Christian child but I’m really not.




Lol. I should have lucas interrupt. :upside_down_face: