❣ Heart's Commissions (CLOSED) ❣

Hello, everyone :wave: I finally opened my commissions :upside_down_face:



Bust up - 15 USD
Additional person +10 USD

Half Body - 25 USD
Additional person +10 USD

Full body - 30 USD
Additional person +10 USD

Simple/plain background - FREE

2-4 week delivery depending on the number of characters/difficulty of commissioned art.


DM me on Instagram @heart.creates or private message me here with the following details:
Your email address (where I will send you your art)
Commission type: story cover (small/large), pfp, art scene, splash/intro/outro
References: character(s) details, pose(s), outfit(s), accessories, background


  1. Place a commission with all the required info.
  2. Full or half payment is made upfront.
  3. I’ll send you a sketch within 1-2 weeks.
  4. Contact me to make changes to the sketch if needed, after that, it will be considered the final one.
  5. I’ll send you a screenshot of the added base colors.
  6. I’ll send you a screenshot of the half-rendered art piece.
  7. Make the remainder of the payment if you haven’t paid fully yet.
  8. I’ll send you the finished piece to your email address.


1. 50% of payment must be made upfront. (This is standard practice for artists so I won’t be negotiating this)
2. I can make changes during the sketch process but once I start coloring the art, I won’t be making any major changes.
3. Credit me. Always. If you use my art in the Episode story - credit me in the story. If you post it on Instagram - credit me on Instagram. If you post it on Episode forums - credit me on Episode forums. The same process applies to any other platform or social media.
4. Do not edit/change anything in my art.
5. Do not erase, crop, or smudge my watermark.
6. I’m allowed to showcase the commissioned art on any platform or social media unless you specifically ask for a delay (until you’re ready to show it).
7. Payment is made only via Fiverr.

What can you commission?

  • Drawn profile picture
  • Drawn cover (small, large, or in both versions)
  • Drawn splash aka Intro/Outro
  • Drawn art scene



For more examples of my works, feel free to visit my IG account @heart.creates


your art is gorgeous! :pleading_face::white_heart:
i wish u all the best!! :heartpulse::two_hearts::heartbeat::sparkling_heart:

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these are gorgeous!! I’m a comission artist as well and I have a hard time drawing curly hair, but yours looks stunning?? Could I ask for some advice? :heart:

thank you so much :two_hearts:

thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation: and there’s no secret to it really, I use a different sized hair brushes. i start with medium small size and the more layers I add, the smaller the brush I use. That way the hair looks more realistic I guess :sweat_smile:

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thanks sweetheart!!

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np :v:

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My commissions are closed :kissing_heart: