Heavy Subject Time!

DISCLAMIER This thread was in no way shape or form made to put on blast a certain group/community/person this was made purely to get you guys opinions on the subject. You may agree to disagree but I will not have you bashing anyone for their opinion, you will be flagged

There are some from the LGBT community(And those who aren’t apart of it) that compare being gay(lesbian, trans, etc.) to that of skin color.

What are you guys thoughts on the matter??


I personally hate this very much. So many people in groups of minorities tend to make being a minority a contest. I have literally been told that I couldn’t have an opinion on something because I “wasn’t oppressed enough.” What, do I have to be a queer woman of color who’s grown up in some sort of bad situation to have a say in anything? Because that’s what it seems like these days. It honestly makes me embarrassed to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community when people act this way.


Very understandable. Thank you for your insight :cherry_blossom:

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what does tht stand for?

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Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, etc.

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LGBT Community DOESNT NEED to be compared to their skin tone. What the hell does that have to even deal with color? I don’t get. People are born with different skin tone colorS that doesnt even need to be compared NO ONE being LGBT.

Skin tones has nothing to do with being LGBT or not being LGBT.


Wait, did someone ask you that or it just came to your mind? :thinking:


no one asked me, but a few months back I saw a post (I forgot where and by who) that simply said, being LGBT is like being black

(which that post broke out into a whole bunch of different conversations about the topic and so on)


woah! wow.


That person shouldnt have done that.


yeah, and whenever someone told them something about the post they were like, “I didn’t ask for your opinion, i was just stating facts”


ikr, and they are like “Hun, THAT ISNT FACTS AT ALL”


Oh gawd , yes!!

It’s like those campaigns for woman’s rights but they end up being sexist to men.Isn’t LGBT supposed to stand up against sexism??? But there are people there who don’t allow other’s opinions just because they aren’t gay,trans,bi,lesbian etc. this is just more sexism!!!


LGBT and skin color has nothing to do with one another lol. I think different ppl support different things some ppl may be racist some ppl may not like LGBTs some ppl don’t like chocolate! Since they compared it to skin color, can we compare it to food as well? I think it’s silly to compare it to skin color.



It’s called the Oppression Olympics.

Who is more oppressed? Black people or queer people? That’s what it is about.

Since it is such a great thing in America (and other places in the west apparently) to be a victim of society, people try to put on this victim complex and complain about how bad they have it in an attempt to be treated better than everybody else, especially straight, white, cis men.

It is lies told by leftists so that they’ll get more votes with empty promises because these people are not oppressed. But if the left promises these intersectionality groups that they will be treated better than everybody else (which is unconstitutional and will therefore never happen), then these groups vote the leftists in office.

It is a way to control these people, black people, LGBT people, feminists. Why do you think at all of their events, they’re far left in ideology and they cast out anyone who disagrees with them, aka has some center views, God forbid some right-wing views.

Women who are pro-life can’t be feminist because feminism isn’t about equality of the sexes anymore.

Black people who are pro-cop, pro-2nd amendment aren’t real black people or are uncle toms, race traitors because black people are expected to hate cops and want gun control.

Gay people that are pro-limited and small government need to “shut the hell up”, according to leftist LGBT+

That’s what it is all about. It was a united front, all these people are oppressed, so lets vote in leftists. And after a while, because of course this way of thinking will not last, these intersectionality groups start fighting with each other. Essentially, the left is eating itself.

More and more people all the time are waking up and #WalkingAway from the insanity and realizing they are not oppressed. It’s wonderful, really.


Alright, I personally feel a bit uncomfortable people comparing LGBT problems to race problems. Yes they’re both problems and issues but I think people shouldn’t compare their issues. All of your problems and struggles are valid. Don’t ever compare your issues to someone else’s. Also yeah I’m part of the left and what not. I’m not trying to be rude but please stop jumping to conclusions. No not everyone who’s part of the left acts like a victim. Personally, I don’t care about whether you’re from the right or the left. Also I don’t think we should bring politics into this.


I see where you’re coming from, too, but I was answering this question, the reason people compare themselves with other communities like this.

Also, I apologize if it seemed like I was bashing or attacking, LOL, it wasn’t my intention, it never is my intention, but I remember at this particular moment, I was very angry and this exact thing was on my mind because I saw a article that was titled “Conservative Gays Need to Shut the Fuck Up” - and…uh…that should outrage everybody, especially if you claim to care about people who are LGBT, maybe not even in the community, exactly.

I appreciate you letting me know that I may have been a little uh…too far out there XDXD

I still stand by what I said, though. I just said it more harshly than usual ^^’ My bad <3 <3


No it’s fine^^. I sometimes get caught up in things as well. And honestly though it’s fine. How to put it? I do see your point of view. As for the conservative gays? Rip that just sucks. I would never shame anyone for their beliefs. People who are LGBT and minorities don’t need to be part of the left or whatever. As one of my favorite artists said, Don’t believe what you believe just because that’s how they raised you." and “Make your own thoughts. Don’t let them do it for you.” Anyways carry on :hearts:


Tbh I’ve never understood trans people. Do you wake up one day and think “ I feel like being a guy/girl today? “