Heeelp please! I tried all my ideas!


Hey guys, I really need your help! A few weeks ago I was reading a few stories from a certain author… I can’t remember her name or the names of any of hers stories, but I can tell they were great. The stories had different topics about awareness. I remember 2 names, from a story about a girl, her name is Kylie and she had 3 love interests, one of them was her mother’s rich fake boyfriend, one was her ex and the other one was Gino( I only remember his name). Also, another story from this author was about a girl that found love during a winter break. Her and her best friends accidentally shared the same cabin with the one she felt in love with and his friends. He took her to his home, even though his junkie mom and his dangerous boss were around town. They faced a lot of drama, but everything was about to end because she was supposed to go home when the break was over. There are a few more details that I remember, but I don’t think they are so important. I think this author was banned before, and maybe that’s why the stories vanished from my favorites list, but I loved her writing and I tried everything that I could think of to find her. So, if you have any ideas I would really appreciate it. Any help could be useful, please let me know if the stories, from what I told you, rings a bell to you. Thank you veeery much! :pray::pray:


Yes, I heard that the author was banned again from another thread.


It’s really sad… So far I only found 2 or 3 authors as good as her on Episode.


Ohh… and someone told me her name, it’s Toni Simone


Summer Share for the winter break thing. But I think it was spring break. I have photographic memory



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