Heelp me decide which story

Hiii i´m struggling cause i am blocked and don´t know how to start my first story ever
it would mean a lot if you could help me decide :sweat_smile:

  1. You are the bad girl in school with a huge secret no one can know about. He is, the sweetest boy you´ll ever meet and doesn´t deserve to be involved in the dark world you belong. Will faith bring you together?
  2. He is the most egocentric guy of New York while you are a nurse who struggles to maintain herself and her job in the hospital. When he has a horrible accident he spends 2 years in the hospital and starts getting to know you, will you be his light or will he be your end?
  3. He´s a well-known superhero who saves lives every day but doesn´t care about anything but his good image, that´s until he saves you and you meet face to face. You need revenge for and old past tragedy. Will you develop feelings for him or will you achieve your vendetta?
  4. He´s an assassin whose job is to torture and kill you for something you did to his king. Will he find you and complete his task or will you discover his darkest secrets?
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Pleaase don´t steal these ideas it has taken me a lot of time to think of them and I inten to write every story in long-term

Feel free to write anything about them you feel you need to say :sparkling_heart:


Your ideas are so good! I’d read all of them:)


thaank you for the support :sparkling_heart:


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