Height and size problems

So I know to change the size of a character you go to directing helper, then spot helper then just change the size, but i’m confused on how you keep them that size, because I save it but the character is still the same size. I’ve also tried a script but it still does not work, help?

You can’t just change them when you size them on the bottom of the screen it has a code and you have to copy that code

So like it might say
@CHARACTER spot (put numbers here)

You have to put that code into your script

I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work. And I put the code right after the person enters the room. am i supposed to put in somewhere else in the script?

No, you should be okay? Can you show me a picture of where it says the error is?

Like a picture of your script


Try adjusting him if you want him to be taller, then delete that first code and replace it with the second

It’s still not working

If you want james to walk to the spot
You have to put him ofscreen first

1.379 is the size
273 is the spot
21 is the height

I found out what i was doing wrong, i just had to do the code after he was actually in the scene, not right as he entered, thank you for helping me

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Oke goodd