Helen Keller The miracle worker



The heart of the movie:
Helen Keller born as normal as anyone of us till her sixth year she lost her ability of see, hear and talk but her family did not lose hope they brought the best teachers but no one could help her until Anne Sullivan came and made her the unforgettable miracle.

The movie should start with happy family playing out side the house while they gathering for dinner the mother called on Helen but she did not come, so she went to check on her. She found her sitting on the floor not moving ; she screamed from her heart.

Next scene will show the doctor room telling the parents that Helen will never see, hear or speak ever again and it show the girl so despaired and her family going from teacher to other no one agreed to help her because they thought she was impassible learner they could not thought in any way to help her till Anne Sullivan step in and made a amazing method to help her. By putting item in one hand and spill it name on the other hand ; soon she knew all her house items and the back yard items and she got a gift which it is writing the color of the flower in her hand.

As soon as she knew all stuff names she started to learn the Braille method and her parents brought her typing machine with Braille letters and became the miracle workers and as she said “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough”


I believe that’s already a movie.


I’m not sure if this is already a movie but I know it is a true story which would be copyrighting.


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Yeah, i was very inspired by this story.


it’s a true story and the movie is from 1964 or something like that.
so I Like to remake it.

It’s not copyright if I mentioned her



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