Hell and heaven background needed!

it’s for my new story and I will 100% give you credit.


How’s this?


perfect, thanks!

hey could i please use these to? i will give you credit if you want :slight_smile:


thank you soo much :slight_smile: :heart::heart::heart:

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how do you want me to credit you? :slight_smile:

instagram: the.poetic.writer

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january 26 :joy::joy::hearts:

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Ik :joy: :joy: I haven’t been on in awhile

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hey! do you mind if i use these backgrounds? i will give credit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Mya1357 I did some research into those images and found online copies. If you didn’t create them, you don’t ask for credit ever. It’s stealing and it’s not your work. It doesn’t matter if you found the image, if you didn’t create it, it isn’t yours to take credit of. Also, remember that the images you use should have a “Free for commercial use” license otherwise if they don’t, you’ll need to ask the person if you can use them. You also need to credit the person who made the backgrounds the way they’d like to be credited. You can read more about copyright online :heart:


Can I please use these as well?

For me it say’s it isn’t big enough to use… what do i do?

Try resizing it :blush:

Hey! My name is Sapphire!

Can I use these for my story too?

I’ll credit you! :pleading_face:

hi, can I use these in my new story and credit you?