HELLLP! I cant get this phone texting thing to work

So when I tried to do a texting thing on my phone between two people the narrator bubble came out weird… It was supposed to be like this

I hate this

So do I.

But it came out like this when I previewed…

I hate this dump.


So do I.

How can I fix this?

oh whoops there was supposed to be “dump” next to “I hate this” on first line sorry

Got it sorted out then? :slight_smile:

Yes… I fixed that but it’s still showing the same thing…

Can you post a pic of your script?


The other one was a test one, this one’s the real one. But they both have the same problem…

Are you getting an error message?

No… the script itself is fine… it’s just the preview that’s weird…


The narrator box doesn’t work with 2 part names unfortunately. You’d have to create a new character and name it AUNTCLAIRE with no spaces and then it will work.

Oh, thank you! It worked! I guess I’ll work with this! Thanks alot!

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You’re welcome :blush:

Glad this got resolved! Closing thread :v:t2: