Hello After Being Away For Two Years

So, after two years, I’ve finally made my way back to episode to resume writing my story. I started this story 3 years ago, and life has gotten so busy that I never had time to do it, but now my life has changed a little to where I can make time. If I still haven’t let go of the idea to release this story, that’s a sign that this story has to get done. It is a huge goal of mine to finish this story, and now I have the time, knowledge and I also have gone through some personal growth to do it. Now where I’m going with all of this… I’d would just like to ask, y’all, the community, how I can make this story live up to its potential. I don’t think it will be perfect, but I want to invest in all the quality art covers, art scenes, overlays and backgrounds, shoutouts, credits I can. I want this story to really be from my heart with love for the episode community and love for writing itself. So, would any of y’all be interested in helping and or being a part of it?


Hey love congrats on your return! I’ve got some things that can help you on your journey! You can find all of them here:
I’ve got:

  • A Large data pool of the communities preference for free which I HIGHLY recommend you take a look over to see what will help your story!
  • A free Background and Overlay Drive that I update frequently
  • A paid background and overlay drive with plenty more than the free one.
  • A writing template to help plan out stories and build characters to keep all your thoughts in check

I hope these help and feel free to ask around the community here on forums like you did! We’re all here to help one another 🫶🏻💕


I really do appreciate this information, thank you so much​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Of course! I hope it all helps you :two_hearts:🫶🏻

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Welcome back :white_heart:

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Good luck with your story! I’d love to read it once it’s out!

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First of all, welcome back!
Secondly, I’d love to help or be apart of it!
:smiling_face: Feel free to throw me a message if you need any assistance to brain storm and things like that. I also have a bunch of resources on my carrd if it helps:

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