Hello? By Evil Ebony and Old Mate

I’ve read “Thriller: Hello?” twice now, and I am continuously blown away by not only the storytelling, but - my god, the directing. It’s out of this world.
I’ve read pretty much all of the horror stories on Episode, and this is one of the few that actually feel like watching a scary movie.
Does anyone have thoughts on this story?


Omg! Never read this story at night! Especially when I have a small room and the lights were off.
I got so scared. It’s was wonderfully written and beautifully directed! The only part I didn’t like was when I died.:sweat:


I died too didnt realise my mistake until after i clicked the choice v.v
Great story though i like it was creepy enough


I actually thought it was pretty good. I liked the suspenseful atmosphere and I decided to get both good and bad endings. For the good ending, I was not expecting something interesting (not going to spoil it for those who want to read Hello). But man, it was definitely creepy when the guy was stalking the MC but I guess that plot is pretty common in thriller, horror and mystery I guess.

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That story was so amazing. I am really stuck on it, but it is totally recommended to read. :slight_smile:

Never read it but maybe I should start, wondering, How many episodes are there?

3 and it’s complete :slight_smile:

I’ll tryy I have a story thats halloween but it’s boring in my ,mind lmao