Hello, Can i practice and use your character?


It looks so good


Guys I am going to stop here!
I have nine charcters to do. If you are requesting you came to the wrong thread I am going to make another thread for pfps. So if you were requesting sorry this is for the community to help me get better at art!

Sincerely, Firely.F.



Here you go!
I think I did horrible on the lips but this was fun to do between Gaming and Sketching! :heart_eyes:


Anything else I need help with?


I suck at art!


Girl no you don’t…you are amazing!


Thanks! I’m trying to become better.
And I love doing pfps for people.


Yea you should totally open up a pfp shop! I like your style a lot…and your style is unique!


Thank you! You’re so kind!


I really love it thank you so much :sparkling_heart::blue_heart::heart::heartpulse::purple_heart: