Hello can someone help me i can't let them hug each other she's just walking through him

Hello can someone help me i can’t let them hug each other she’s just walking through him


You’re using the & symbol so it happens at the same time as the next script line


I think I misundertood what you’re trying to do just start by changign the & to @.

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The & symbol isn’t the issue, I use the & symbol all of the time… as it’s much preferred over the @ symbol, and I never have an issue with it.

The issue is that you didn’t pause, therefore it goes straight to the next action!

You need to pause for enough seconds to cover both the walking animation and the hug.
For example: if she approaches him in 1 second… and you want them to hug for 2 seconds.
Use @pause for 3
[^ Or use a longer pause, if you’d like a longer hug. Just mess around with the pause times until you’re happy.] :blush:

Edit: Are you able to copy and paste your code from a little further up?! I can correct it for you and send it back.

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The same issue happened with me. In the previewer was ok, but game didn’t work. She passed through him. What i do is spot directing. @boy spot xxxxxxxxxx, then i add the girl in front of him, the @girl spot xxxxxxxx, and then the @girl is hug

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