Hello can someone help me i can't place her inside the car

Hello can someone help me i can’t place her inside the car

You should show your script


I don’t have the code for it yet i mean how can i put her inside the car what code i will put😭

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You would make her sit down first and the use the @CHARACTER spot to see where to move her :slightly_smiling_face:

All you do is spot direct her in the car. So drag the character to the car and place her “in” it. Make sure you also have the correct layers. (Just like you did for the other character)

E.G. Car at layer 5 and character at layer 3

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You also need to make sure the car is an overlay, meaning the glass part is transparent and if you put your character behind the car, she would be seen through the glass

I manage to place her and now she’s sitting outside of the car

Now you need to press “Show Helpers”
Then “Spot Directing”
Then select your character, then drag her to behind the car, then copy the first line here

Only copy the first line, then paste it


Like previously said, you always need to use layers for characters and overlays. Layers are very important for placement, especially when you use kissing, hugging, walking next to other character animations, or when you want to have more people in your scene and spot them on different layers so they will not look messy after all.

In case this scenario with car.

&CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # and CHARACTER is idle and CHARACTER moves to layer 4 and CHARACTER2 spot % x y in zone # and CHARACTER2 is idle and CHARACTER2 moves to layer 3 and CHARACTER3 spot % x y in zone # and CHARACTER3 is idle and CHARACTER3 moves to layer 2

→ character is driver
→ character 2 is girl with bag
→ character 3 is man
now only you need to spot them and add animations you want, in this case, everyone and every overlay (here car) are in their places and they will be there behind each other.
Like Violet said, if you want to change their setting (spotting) you need to drag character to the place you want them to be and copy paste the spot placement numbers.

Dara has good guides for basic directing for beginners so you can check it out if you need

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