Hello can someone make me a cover photo? I'll give 100% credit in my story and on my instagram

Can someone do a cover photo for me? I’ve been asking around but no answers.

title of the story :Her secrets, His sins
Author name: Kls
number of characters 2
Character detail.
Skin color: Umber
Hair color fawn
hair style :Cornrow bun
eye color :brown
eye shape Almond classic
nose perky
eyebrows thick flat
lips full round, color cherry red
face soft heart
skin color: Mocha
eyes :sloping innocent green
lips: Uneven taupe
hair short fade: black
nose: refined
face : chiseled square
eyebrows medium sharp

The pose I want brandon to stand behind Hayden with the flirt animation with one hand on her mouth an the other on her chest while Hayden is sitting down in a chair tied up in a rope with the idle_terrified terrified animation. I want it in a dark basement with a Her secrets, his sins on the side of the characters.
instagram account is @kls12s94

Pictures of outfits I want them to wear.

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Hello, I’d be glad to help out if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are some examples:
Example 1
Example 2
Thank you,
~Brooke Johnson

Yes, I like your edits. And I will for sure give you credit :slight_smile:

What type of background would you like? (ex. city, woods, etc?)

Basement :slight_smile:

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Here are your covers:
Small cover
Large cover
If there’s anything you want changed, let me know.

I love it . Thank you so much !!

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How would you like for me to credit ??

You don’t have to give credit, but if you wish, just use my forum name @Brooke_Johnson or @brooke.episode122 on Instagram :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes for sure I’ll give you credit lol

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