Hello! Characters needed in story



I wanted to know if some people would be interested in becoming big parts of the Story. I was going to make the characters myself, but thats SO BORING! So…If you would like to be in this story pls reply!

What I need:

1 sister for Carmen : @Melody.LE

  1. @MariG
  2. @CrazygirldY_dY_dY

-A cop partner (Boy or girl)

Thanks! If you do decide to reply for a character, I will need character details, name of your character, and I just need a quick description of how your person acts!



Reserve me for bestie please.
I will send the details later if thats okay?





Character Details

Hair and Color- Long Feathered Chestnut
Eyebrows- Defined Natural
Eyes and Color- Upturned Bold White
Nose- Elven
Mouth and color- Full Round blush
Skintone - Light


Denim Shorts
Race tank top white
Any sneakers



Short description

We all call this the “crazy bestfriend”
She is a little crazy, serious when it comes to deep stuff, doesnt like to gossip, would hate you if you disturb her but become friends with you after every 10 minutes… She tends to try to make your smile upside down

She makes terrible jokes, she only loves who she trust, she is suffering depression a bit but always still smiles


Thanks so much!


Reserve me for the sister!
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait, do you need a cop partner too?






Which is Carmen’s haircolor?




FML :sob::sob:


I sat for one hour and made 11 outfits, but I didn’t send, and now they are gone.
Good God WITML??


Character details:
Skintone: Tan
Face shape: Oval
Hair: Rebel halfshaved hairstyle, charcoal
Eyebrows: Defined natural
Mouth: Classic, Toffe
Nose: Elven
Eyes: Upturned bold, green


Personality: Confident but kind. Stands up for bullies. Loves books. A dog person. Studies a lot and wants to become a doctor. Doesn’t talk much and doesn’t trust people easily. A bit unsocial, doesn’t drink. Thinks drunk people are annoying. Enjoys learning languages and can English, French and Japanese. I don’t know if it’s maybe too much? You can change whatever you want.


Thanks so much


Do you still need characters?


Ugh…sorry. I have been so busy. But yes


It’s okay! I get it, we all have lives. Anyway, my character details are:
Body: olive
Eyes: round bold (brown)
Hair: long curly hair (chestnut)
Eyebrows: defined natural
Nose: soft natural
Lips: classic (orange crush)
Silly, but can be serious, likes books, definitely very sarcastic, sometimes quiet
Thank you and have a nice day! :heart:


What character would you like to be?