Hello episodeinteractive. I'm new to the forums and would really love some advice

I’m new here in the episode community and I’ve been finding it hard to make friends and I’ve been finding it extremely hard to promote my new story. It seems wherever I go and whatever move I make to put my story out there is blocked or I’m ignored. My story isn’t perfect but, I worked really hard on it and I want people to see it. I could care less about the popularity. I just want people to read and tell me what they think of my writing and what I can improve on. There are a ton of stories out there that are getting a lot of attention and some of the content isn’t as good as the episode writers I read when I first started out. I just want a platform where I can make stories and share my story I have so many ideas for new stories but, if I’m just putting out stories without a good audience I feel there’s really no point. SO PLEASE HELP

The story is called “Send my love” it’s in limelight

If you are looking for something to read or looking for someone to share your reading tips with or looking for feedback on your story we could help each other.

My Instagram is coolkidzclubspazz


If you need a friend or someone to talk to pm me :grin:


welcome to the forums! Ill be gladly to check out your story, and if u need friends, Ill be your friend to.

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