Hello Episodians!

Hi Episodians!
Even though I’ve been in the forums for a few days I haven’t really done an introduction, so here I am.
I’m Despina, a fellow Greek who has had a quite complicated relationship with Episode such us: writing & joining the forums, stop writing, leaving the forums, joining again, leaving again and joining again almost a year later. :relieved:
Let’s say I’ve been here since groups like Episode Studio and Episode Diamonds existed :zipper_mouth_face: (some might recognise me, because back then I went with the name Doksan hehe, and oh, that drama, kinda miss it).
Facts about me:
I’m Greek
I’m a Libra
I am obsessed with Taylor Swift (and many more people but TS is the person I mostly stalk).
I’m preeetty good at coding/directing.
I’m ALWAYS bored.
My birthday is at the 5th of October.

So yeah that was my introduction, and I hope I make some new friends here!!!
x, d.:relieved:

PS. Where did the RP section go??? Did it get deleted??? EPISODE PLEASE PUT IT BACK.


Idk why but they got rid of the RP section. Nice to meet you by the way. :two_hearts:

My names Alana but people on here call me Nae. I’m a 15 year old Cancer :cancer: and I have a sugar problem :joy: My birthdays June 28th. I usually just draw things here on forums and I’m in a few art shops. I’m actually a very weird person and I’m talkative for an introvert.


Hellooooo! Nice to meet you too. I’ve also got a sugar problem but it isn’t that bad but I still got diagnosed :relieved:. I basically loved the RP section and spent moooosttt if not all of my time there. I’m also an introvert who actually ENJOYS being in quarantine because she doesn’t have to talk to anyone :relieved:. Weird, ik, but it is what it is. :relieved:
Also I love this emoji it’s so cool. :relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved:

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I liked quarantine at first because I didn’t have school but now I’m starting to dislike my family. :joy: I actually have like 2 female friends irl. The rest are overprotect guys who like to make fun of me.

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Omg like irl I don’t think I have real friends, I personally think they’re fake. Not like toxic but definitely not real. I get along better with people via internet. :joy:

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:pensive: I’ll pour my heart out to a stranger. I don’t know why but I do. :joy:

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Omg I wish I could be that open. Okay maybe not THAT MUCH, but I wish I was more open. To pour my heart and soul to you (or anyone tbh), I need to have 10000000000000% trust or then I can’t. :weary:

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Most of the time it’s just stuff about my family but the deep stuff only goes to my best friend. We have the weirdest relationship but I wouldn’t trade that potato for anything :relieved:

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Hello @despina13, I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum! :smiley: I’ve moved this thread to Episode Fan Community. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink: I’d also recommending perusing Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines.


Hi Despina! I’m Bella! I joined on this account in February but I had another account on here in late 2018-2019 (November).

I’m a libra too! 20th of October.
I live in Australia and I’m Australian, British and Polish.
I’ve always been interested in Greece and I would like to go there one day.

Welcome back!

Oh, and yes, they did delete the RP section :frowning_face:

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Hi, I’m Jonathan!! It’s nice to meet you. I’ve been on the app since 2013/2014ish… so for a long time now. (Back when you’re starting story was either Party Girls or Campus Crush… those were the day’s.) but, I’ve been writing since 2016, took a long break (kinda like you), and now I’m back.

Welcome back!! :smile:


Ah! I remember that. And when everything was either classic or that weird realistic animation just when ink came out with Path to Fame and Mean Girls.

Yeah! It’s so weird, it seems that there’s two groups of people. People who were introduced with the classic stories, and those introduced with Demi and Mean Girls when INK was starting up…

I actually decided to go back and re read Party Girls and Real Hollywood for nostalgia sake.


Yeah. Me too.

But then I stopped reading and binge-read Scares by Ashley Youtsy and Meet you at Home by Winter Sapphire.

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Aaaah! Sad, since I spent all of my time there. :cry:

Wait wth?
THATS MY BDAY TOO!!:flushed:


Nice to meet ya. :sunglasses:

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When I first started playing Episode was when LL had just came out :thinking:. And I remember being very specific with the stories I read :joy: I wanted them only completed LL stories WITH customisation and a plot I liked, or else I wouldn’t read them :joy::joy::joy: What was going on inside my head back then?? :relieved:

Ahhhh twins!!! :relieved:

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