Hello everyone hehe

Hello :wave:t2: I saw a girl do this just now and I thought it was a great idea! I’m a bit low on friends and people to talk to :joy: and I wanna get to know the episode community more :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ve already met such wonderful and kind people and reckon it would be much fun to meet some more! :smiley:

If you maybe wanna dm, send me a dm and we can chat about episode, stories or anything really :crazy_face: we can chat on here or we can chat on insta! My insta is @writes.eriana

Credit to the girl who gave me this idea :rofl: I forgot your user I’ll try to see if I can find you


Hi! My name’s not Diamond but call me Diamond, please!

I love paiting, drawing, writing, reading, cooking, eating, sleeping, video games, football (soccer), basketball, swimming, parties, sewing, Netflix, and of course, procrastinating (I’m trying not to but it’s just so tempting :pensive:). My favorite colors are yellow and purple and my favorite food’s lasagna. My favorite country is France and my favorite singers at the moment are Post Malone, Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish. Wbu?

I hope we can be friends!

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Hi I’m Kai I’m female but don’t prefer my normal name so call me Kai and use male pronouns

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