Hello everyone!


Hello everyone I will be leaving the forums maybe a little soon.
Because there are some drama on here and I can’t handle it.

My Snapchat is: ms_lily06

Sorry but I’ve been through a lot…and Adam already knows one of those reasons.

After I’m done I will no longer answer from the forum only on snap.



Awww ok it’s sad to hear this! Goodbye :slight_smile:


Okay what about discord?


I am going to be on there too


:sob: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo izzy izzy izzy, love you girl!!! I’ll def contact you on sc! Hun, I’m always here for you :slight_smile: thanks for being so amazing. I don’t want to ever lose contact with you. :slight_smile: love ya, iz!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it pains me to see you leave forums but I completely understand it’s what you gotta do. I’ll support you no matter what hun. :relaxed:


If you leave I’ll cry for 10 hours a day.





:sob: honestly your one of my only friends on here :sob::sob::sob:


whats your sc


Lol…I know friends from RP and everything


And we’re in one of the same art group :grin:


That’s good then. I will definitely miss you here but you have to do what’s best for you. I will definitely discord spam you though.




You know what?



@Firely_epi hun I added you
@Adam.Epy I added ya bro


Ok… I’ll miss you…


AHH @Firely_epi I would hate for you to leave and stop rping!

Is there a way for you to stay?


I can’t stop you from leaving. But know we will miss you. I don’t have snap chat… sorry… :smirk:


Yep imma miss ya!


Maybe when the drama is over you. No come back??? We will miss you in auror high!


I will come back of course!