Hello Fellow Authors!

This is my profile, I’ve had an account for about two days now, I’ve spent that time coding my own story online, I’ve read some stories which are absolutely fantastic, and I fear that I’ve written something which is quite poor.

I’ve completed three episodes, but slowly tweaking the last two here and there.

I loved writing stories when I was younger, and have grown up to study computing which involves a lot of programming and coding anyway, so I thought why not give it a shot!

It’d be really wonderful if you could give me feedback based on these points:

• I’m aware of many clichés that users are tired of, is mine too similar to those?

• Would you honestly want to see more of this story?

• Are my episodes long enough, and with enough content (choices, characters, dialog).

• Would you recommend to a friend or on your profile?

Honesty is the best policy, I won’t be offended!
Thank you all so much!


P.S, if you’re like me and can’t be bothered to open the app and manually type in the name of the story, here’s the direct link: Tiffany’s Tale - https://episode.app.link/OjUQUxzGTL .

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Cool I’ll support you.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey quick question. So I’m reading your story and I want to know how you got those people in the box.

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It’s a selection menu of the screen, where you can choose Ink, Limelight etc.

Thank you for the help Michaela, I’ll return the favour!

Thnx and there’s No need to return the favour. Honestly, it’s fine

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Wow, you already have a lot of supporters!

:persevere: Thnx but My story sucks Do not read. I repeat DO NOT READ

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I definitely will read it, it looks great!

No You will be wasting your passes

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Ridiculous! Your story just got selected as one of the picks!

Episode Four just released, enjoy!

I’ll check out your story! Love supporting authors!

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Thank you so much, I’ve just started out, I really need the confidence.

Just started Episode Five, shouldn’t be too long before it’s released!

Will the basketball team get back together?

Who is the newest team member?

Will Rosanna be the friend you first thought she’d be?

Coming soon…

Episode 5 out now!

Watch as Tiffany taps in to her inner musician and meets new friends along the way!

Episode six just released!

A new visitor arrives at the Petersen household.

Read through Tiffany’s emotional journey and how we should appreciate those we have close to us in our lives. You never quite know when you will need them…

Hello Emily! I’m about to read your story right now. I will give you some feedback once I finish.


That would be wonderful, and thank you for the follow! I can’t wait to see you publish your first story.

Aw thanks! I read your first episode and I really like the dialogue, though the spotlight format is definitely something I’ll have to get used to. I’m waiting for more passes so I can read the other episodes as well.

After I read the rest, I’ll be sure to give some feedback. I hate judging stories on the first episode, so when I’ve finished what you’ve published so far… I’ll be back!


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