Hello from the other side!


Ah yay welcome back!!!


Not too much happened while you were away, I guess.

We are so happy you’re back. How are you and the baby?? I hope you’re great and that you are having a nice day. Ah we are so glad you’re back, seriously.


Welcome back! :smile:


Great to see you again! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heart_eyes:


Hi, Liz!
It’s pleasure you come back, and enjoy your mom’s life. :blush:


LIZ!!! WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Everything was a mess without you, I’m so happy to see you back that I might cry :sob:


Oof. Sweetie you missed a LOT! :grimacing:


Let’s have a talk over tea to catch up :eyes::coffee:


OMG…!! Welcome back from the break. CONGRATULATIONS on the baby. I hope all the well wishes to you and your baby.:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:



Welcome back, you were greatly missed by us all. I’m glad to hear your baby’s doing well! I hope it stays that way. I can’t wait until you’re fully back! :heart: And I mean, most of what you missed was a lot of drama… Might have been better that you missed it. :thinking:


OMG LIZ!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Welcome back! We couldn’t wait for you to come back! I’m glad that you both doing fine! :heart:
The community was not the same without you!


Hurrah, and congratulations!
The new Sydney mod seems cool, there’s been a lot of forum marriages and engagements (don’t question it), I’m even better looking, and some of the Limelight updates have been absolutely awesome.


@Liz We missed you so much!
Congratulations on the new baby!!!
This community has definitely not been the same without your presence. So glad to have you back!!



Welcome back! :smile::raised_hands:t5:


Welcome back Liz! :heart:

We missed you so much, and I’m so glad the baby and you are both doing well.
Oof, so much has gone on, but mostly new updates from Limelight and Ink isn’t updating anymore, and Share Your Art/Drawings thread closed from the maximum amount of replies- OOF!


Welcome back! :revolving_hearts:


I don’t know you, but congrats!



Welcome back, lovely human! :tada:

A lot. You have missed a lot. :confounded:


Good to have you back! Waving at you right now with Limelight male animation flirt_blush :smiley:


Welcome back Liz! :slight_smile:
Congrats, sending lots of love and kisses to the baby! :heart:


Congrats!!! Also welcome back! :heart::tada: