Hello guys I can help

Guys people are out of story names and info I can help you guys all you need to tell me how the story is I can give you a perfect name and infoโ€‹:heart::heart::kiss::kiss::kissing_heart::hugs::ok_hand::pray::+1:

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Hey! :slightly_smiling_face:
So in my story, one night the MC and the MCโ€™s bf, find a dead body in their city.
The next morning, what do the do? I just want to skip the day because when the night comes is when I want to write more.
I hope that what Iโ€™m asking is simple.
Thanks! :relaxed: :blob_hearts:

So do you need a name or an info or both :+1:

Oh sorry! Info.

Now I understand so you canโ€™t finish the info I can help definitely help you with thatโ€‹:+1::+1::+1:


On le night the MC and the MCโ€™s bf found a dead body in the city The next morning They were devasted so they thought of going to the police but when the found out that the murderer is in the police gang what do they do .

So this what I found from my books hope you like it if you donโ€™t I have more books for this :kiss::kiss:

If you canโ€™t find a Title for this how about
One death One night :ok_hand::ok_hand::heart:

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So what do you say Vicky wendy

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Sorry, I was away! Your idea is fantastic! Thank you veery much for actually searching your books for me!! :relaxed: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

No problem if you need more help you can message me

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Hey I just guessed when you publish this story can you send it to me :heart::heart::kiss::kiss::+1:

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I mean send me the message :heart::heart:

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Hey , Can you please help me with my story ?
Itโ€™s a fantasy story and i want it to be kinda different planet princess and she is caught and dropped into the earth to die and from that i am lost and i also got the story name that is The truth Revealed :innocent: