Hello guys, I need some help!

Hello everyone, I’m new to this entire site and absolutely love the app on my phone! I would love some helpful tips on how to start a new story and how to get it published so you all can see if I should keep writing. Thank you all so much.

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Did you want to create on the app from your phone or use the writers portal???

Writers portal has more directing, more outfits… and it amazing…

Well honestly I have tried both. But I haven’t been able to get either of them to work so far. So I’m just struggling all around. Plus I’m not a good writer at all. So ya know I’m riding the struggle bus all the way through town. :joy:

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You have to have 3 episodes before publishing… it’s easier on mobile to get started… for your first story… but after a while portal gets easier as well… lol I do art mostly now but I do have 3 published stories… I know the struggle

Hello @MarshaJames! This is Camelost the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forums! :wink:

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Thanks for reading, and again, welcome! Good luck with writing :sunglasses:

Joseph Evans has some nice tutorials on YouTube that helped me.