Hello guys i was wondering if you could help me out with changing hair and eye color

@CORA is scream_angry
@CORA changes hairColor into red
@CORA changes eyeColor into Brown Black
@CORA is idle_cup_angry_loop

the command for eyes is:
@CORA changes eyesColor into Brown Black

and for hair its:
@CORA changes hairColor into Red

“eyes” instead of “eye”, and remember to capitalize the first letter of the colour (:

and how do i change it back to the original color so it wont be confusing for the readers

You can use the same commands to change the colours back:
@CORA changes eyesColor into [original color]

@CORA changes hairColor into [original color]

You can also use the previews and unpreviews commands which do the same thing, but the changes don’t carry into the next chapter:

@CHARACTER previews [feature] [Color/Shape/Hairstyle]
@CHARACTER unpreviews [feature] [Color/Shape/Hairstyle]

for example:
@CORA previews eyesColor Brown Black
@CORA unpreviews eyesColor Brown Black

[quote=“versearrow, post:4, topic:690329”]
@CHARACTER previews [feature] [Color/Shape/Hairstyle]
[/quote] Can you show me an example for the hair part for the preview

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@CORA previews hairColor red

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