Hello Hello! If someone is willing to make this background into night time please let me know! Thank you!


This is the image. Let me know if you are interested or have any question!


Is that from the episode catalog?? If not I would find who made the backdround and ask them chances are they have the night version already


I can


Hey! That isn’t from the episode catalog and you should credit the person who made the background :slight_smile:


If I’m correct, that image belongs to @shellyg


That’s why I told her to find who it was from first… don’t wann step on anybody’s toes…


I would message her first @Laney.episode


I mean don’t getting me wrong I’m sure we would all love to help you… but when they aren’t on the catalog that means someone took their time o make it and they have all versions of it… and all you have to do to use it Is credit them… :grin:


Not only that, due to failure to credit and artwork theft many of the people that make backgrounds have closed their drives. So although I’m struggling to tell who’s this background is (as there are many variations of this particular background), it’s best not to edit a background a) without permission and b) without knowing how they found the background as they are being uploaded without permission to pinterest e.t.c


Exactly… :grin:


Okay Thank you for the help! I will talk to her!


Okay thank you!


Thank you I will talk to her!


Actually, this is a hidden background by Episode. So credits aren’t required for this particular background.

However, I have made this background in different colors and require credit for that. Only the blue bedsheets version is by Episode.


Wasn’t sure and didn’t wanna do soemthig wrong… lol


Thank you everyone for your help, I appreciate it !


No problem that is what the community is for… so if you want to use the blue sheets I can turn it into night for you and I don’t need credit…


@shellyg had the background, thank you though! I will come to you if I have any trouble in the future! :smile:


No problem