Hello help is needed!


So I wanted to write a story where each episode shows one characters story and then in the last episode they all come together! But cannot think of a plot to bring them together.

If you can help, please message me on here or on IG - @episode.cam.artist


It is only going to be a short story


How many episodes?


And what genre do you want it to be? A realistic story or fantasy?


Around 5 episode and realistic


You can do like a mruder mystery type where each character has one of their family memeber murdered in front of them by the same person and all meet for therapy at the end. Or one where like a bunch of guys get catfished by one girl and each one shows how she cat fished them and the final episode they take her down together


I like both ideas. Just so I am sure what is catfished


Where the person drags another person along using fake photos and fake personality and are nothing like the other person irl they only text never facetime


Oh ok thanks