Hello I’m here to help


If you’re a beginner I suggest watching videos on YouTube that is telling
tricks. Episode has videos for you to watch on episode writer portal -bath


Yes I know! I have watched a couple of them and then tried writing my own story but I ended up having ALOT of errors. I tried fixing them too but they won’t go away :frowning: and now I am frustrated because I had thought of the entire storyline and my story is also interesting…and it’s sad to know that I won’t be able to share it with the readers​:sob::sob:


I recommend you watch Joseph


Hi, am new here… Actually today is my first time.
I was actually wondering how I can get free germs and passes…


Here’s a post that lists guides made by some us here in the forum and it also has listed help threads that is run by experienced coders. Check it out:



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