Hello, I’m in need of an artist

Hello, I’m new to episode and I am not an artist at all. I’m looking for a little help with overlays, cover images, etc. I am willing to make this temparary or long term and I am open to constructive critism. If any artist are interest we can exchange instagrams and I can tell you my story idea. Then we can come up with image ideas. Thank you.

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Try requesting from an art shop! I’ll send a few in just a second…

Okay! Here is @M_H_C_Episode 's list of art shops and resources, which I hope is helpful to you. Enjoy! Click on the link :wink:


I have an art shop! Hopefully it’ll be of some use.

For the cover do u need it for free or r u ok with commission{paid}

I’ll check you out right now, thank you.

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