Hello! I Missed you all!

Hello Everyone! First things first, wow! The Forums has changed so much! It’s very clean looking! Some of you may remember me, I use to be a very active member of the forums and writer in fact! But I stopped for about a little over a year and am a tiny bit lost. I was curious if people could send me some links to old/new writing tips, since I’ve forgotten most of them…
Thank you so much!
~Nikki D.

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Hi, welcome back! I don’t remember any exact threads, but maybe you could try looking in the ‘Directing help & tips’ section and see if that helps?

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Thank you so much! I actually was just starting a testing story with the new style, limelight. But when I went to the script templates all I have is:
Ballroom Twist
Fancy Feet
Grind + Dip
Run + Lift
Walk on + Twirl
As script templates and I don’t see any of the customize a character parts. So I was just curious on where I can get that template, I hope you can help!
~Nikki D.

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